LCD 2004 Blue Serial IIC I2C TWI 20×4 LCD2004 Module Display Screen Arduino


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Description : The module is a high-quality 2 line 20 character LCD module with I2C interface and it is a basic character LCD screen for lots of applications. It is compatible with Arduino boards and it can be used to display real time clock, temperature, humidity, ect. Its backlight can help you to read the screen clearly in the dark environment. Specification : Interface: I2C. IIC (soldered to LCD module) Address: 0x3F. Pin Definition : GND, VCC, SDA, SCL. Back lit (Blue with White char color). Supply voltage: 5V. Pcb Size : 60mm x 99mm. Contrast Adjust : Potentiometer. Backlight Adjust : Jumper.

Package included : 1 x Blue Serial IIC I2C TWI 2004 20×4 Character 5v LCD Module Display Screen for Arduino. (IIC Module is already soldered to LCD display module)
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